Ever wonder why nobody can get to the bottom of WHY your body isn't functioning how you want it to?

The truth is, nobody is

I came to this hard realization about 10 years ago and have been determined to change this narrative ever since.

Dr. Kayla




I am very grateful for Kayla's help. Before I suffered with frequent hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue and elevated blood sugar. With a routine of supplement and dietary changes, I am feeling more energy and in control of my health. I am sleeping better and the hot flashes are gone. I wish it was covered by insurance, but cost has been worth it. I got my life back.

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Dr Kayla is patient, caring and very knowledgeable. I instantly felt comfortable with her as she genuinely showed concern for my issues and a determination to help find solutions. She is an excellent adjuster and has such a warm and friendly personality. I would recommend anyone of any age to come and see her and get the help they need to reach their full potential in their health. I can’t say enough good things!!

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Before I came to Restoring Wellness, I was experiencing gut and digestion issues with bloating and constipation. I was also dealing with chronic inflammation, pain, and fatigue. Dr. Kayla was very thorough and listened to all of my concerns. She did some GI testing, and knew exactly what supplements to start me on to aid in healing my gut. I followed her nutritional guidance as well and three months later, I experience almost no bloat, my digestive system is in a better place, inflammation has gone down significantly, and I am not as fatigued as I was in the mornings and all through out the day and have more motivation to accomplish tasks. Healing doesn't happen overnight, but I can now move forward with confidence through the knowledge and tools I was given. Overall, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Kayla if you are experiencing these symptoms and want to be heard rather than medicated!

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I had a great experience with Restoring Wellness! Incredibly friendly and helpful in educating a holistic recovery process!

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Kayla is amazing! I’ve had hormonal issues for a few years now and went to a few doctors that did blood tests but could never tell me the root of the issue or give me effective ways to fix it until I went to Kayla! She knows exactly what tests to take and explains every lab so you know the function of your body and what the real issue is. She put me on supplements and I’ve seen big improvements in a small amount of time. So thankful! She’s so smart, kind, and easy to reach.

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