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What We Do

we take a restorative approach
to health challenges

find the cause and restore The physiology.

Have you ever stepped on a hose and watched the water stop way down the line? This is the mechanism the adjustment works on, but instead of a hose and water, it's bones on nerves. The purpose of the adjustment is releasing pressure on the nervous system so it can function how it was designed to. The nervous system controls all consciousness, motion, sensation, emotions, everything. 

do you Understand the weight 
Of an adjustment now?


"To see is to know. To not see is to guess." -Dr. Gonstead. Our testing is something that sets us apart as a clinic. It is specific and highly comprehensive. Many people spend their life limited by their damping health, but testing allows us to take an individualized approach to healing and getting results your body is begging for.

Hormone testing
GI Testing
food testing
immune system testing


Cranial Sacral Therapy works on the  connective tissue which connects from the tongue all the way to the toes. It is well-known for it's success with kids and babies with ties, plagiocephaly, toricollis, reflux, constipation, breast feeding trouble, and any tension causing issue. This therapy is essential for the constant change, growth, and adaption in a young ones life. 

Dr. Kayla is a certified
cranial Sacral Therapist.

Cranial Sacral Therapy


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