Changing the Narrative of PMS

Jan 4, 2023

Has anyone ever told you “cramps are just a part of being a woman,” or “it’s normal for your periods to heighten your anxiety and depression,” or “there’s nothing you can do about hormonal acne and weight gain”?

These words may be coming from a place of good intention, but please do not settle for this reality.

Periods are not a disease, condition, nor a syndrome!

Around the age of graphic tees and bejeweled jeans, my reality was 1 of every 4 weeks of the month, curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor puking for days on end from pain and nausea. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t function. 

Tell me, how can you pursue your dreams living like that?

I couldn’t.

Please know, when I speak to the suffering, I have worn those shoes thin. I know that road. I feel for you.

Being unreliable to make plans with, afraid of meeting your monthly doom while on a trip, with friends, or at a prominent point in your career. 

The worst part is, going to the healthcare professionals only lands you on some “magic pill” they say works for everyone else leaving you with deteriorating mental health, uncontrolled weight gain, fear of never getting a normal period to have children one day. 

Then there’s the other end of healthcare, where the “natural people” think there’s a perfect supplement, routine, or detox you’ve been missing that’s going to cure you like it did for someone else.

However, we all know how that story ends.

This is about where I turned a corner. I realized the system we have today was not going to provide me answers and guidance for my health that I desperately needed. Off I went on a mission to find better. I knew it had to be out there somewhere.

10 years of suffering and enter my discovery of testing. 

I’m not talking about the reading palms, energy work, or muscle testing that I had even tried before. And I’m not talking about the generic testing that a typical doc would run, which every time comes back looking “normal.”

I’m talking black and white, blood/urine/stool testing that you send into a lab for real results looking in-depth for function instead of markers of disease.

This is when I saw my own health and approach to healthcare change drastically. 

After 8 years of schooling, I refined my restorative approach to reading labs, and the answer became clear where my own body and many others needed support and healing. I learned symptoms are a cry for help from the body, and the truth is none of those other practitioners were listening to what my body was trying to say. They were trying to drown out the noise either with medication or a natural supplement that worked for the last person. We often underestimate the many factors that could be the source of our health going haywire. 

There is no one-single cure all. 

The beauty of it is, all you need to do is test for what that cause is and find a practitioner that is trained to take a restorative approach to the results. 

I’m here to tell you, there is a reason for your painful, mental health altering, weight and acne affecting period. Change the narrative today with proper testing and a specific, individualized plan for your healing.